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At Siri, we believe in nurturing well-being through nature’s bounty. Our products are crafted with love and care, using traditional methods passed down through generations. We prioritize purity and hygiene at every step, from farm to hand, ensuring you experience the goodness of nature in its purest form.

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What our customers are saying

Savita S
Ragi Flour
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Since switching to your ragi flour, I've noticed a significant difference in my energy levels. It's also incredibly versatile, and I love experimenting with different ragi recipes!
John D
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I was looking for a gluten-free alternative for my breakfast, and your multi-grain powder has been a lifesaver! It has good flavor and keeps me feeling full for longer.
David L
Home-Maker, Bangalore
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My family and I are all trying to eat healthier, and your multigrain powder has been a great way to incorporate more whole grains into our diet. We love adding it to smoothies, dosas, and other breakfast!
Priyanka C
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My picky toddler actually loves Siri's multigrain powder! It's a relief knowing she's getting wholesome nutrition, and the taste is surprisingly delicious.
Priya K
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Your sambar powder is a true taste of home! It's perfectly balanced and incredibly flavorful, making it easy to make a delicious sambar any day of the week.
Ravi K
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Finally, a sambar powder that tastes perfect! Siri has perfected that authentic South Indian blend—it's simply the best.
Lakshmi S
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The vibrant color and fresh aroma of Siri's turmeric powder is unmatched. It adds the perfect depth of flavor to my curries and makes them look as good as they taste!
Suma N
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Siri's garlic powder makes our breakfast so addictive, even my kids who usually hate spicy food can't resist.
Suresh P
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I love that Siri's ragi java is so smooth and easy to make. A perfect start to my day, and it gives me the energy I need.
Praveen R
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This groundnut chutney powder is so versatile! We love it with idlis, dosas, and upma. It's a mandatory item in our kitchen now.
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Siri's jowar rava is my secret ingredient for fluffy and delicious upma. It's so easy to cook and digests well, making it a perfect breakfast option for busy mornings.
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I love experimenting with jowar rava in different recipes. From idlis and dosas to sweet jowar kesari bath, it adds a unique twist and a healthy boost to traditional dishes.
Saraswathi M
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I've been using your products from couple of months, and I'm consistently impressed by the quality and taste. They make healthy eating so much easier and more enjoyable!

About Us

At Siri Food And Millet Products, we’re on a mission to bring back the purity and goodness of real food. We source our ingredients directly from farmers, ensuring the freshest, most natural produce.

We prioritize purity and hygiene, ensuring our products are safe and healthy for your family. Utmost love and attention go into every step, from sourcing to packaging.

Our commitment to natural, nutrient-rich goodness extends to each and every one of our products. We believe that healthy cooking starts with pure, wholesome ingredients, and we take pride in offering a range of products that nourish your body without compromise.

Join us on this journey back to real food. Experience the taste of childhood, rediscover the power of nature, and nourish your family with the purest, healthiest ingredients.




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